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Makes so much possible

There are so many compelling reasons to use WordPress (WP) including:


Used by 35 % of websites (over 455 million).

Easy to manage

Fairly simple to manage so you don’t need to pay someone to do it for you, and you are not locked-in to the company that created the site.

Sophisticated functionality

It is possible to create/build most functionality using cheap plugins without needing to pay thousands of dollars for custom programming.

I have used WordPress before and it was horrible!

WordPress (WP) used to be horrible to use, but so much has changed.

Why don’t all websites use WordPress?

For simple websites it is possible to use services like Wix.

Wix allows anyone to create their own website. It is great for hobby websites and small shops but is not fast or flexible enough for professional usage.

For large high-volume websites used by Qantas or the ABC, they will have bespoke sites built from the ground up but of course they pay for large full-time teams to manage them.

We love WordPress

WP makes it possible to make almost any website with a huge range of functionality all within the budget of most organisations.

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