FAQs – web marketing & design


> How do I get more visitors to buy or signup when they visit my site?

Understanding your customers and how they see your website.

> Why don’t visitors stay on my website very long?

My website logs and Google Analytics show that most of my visitors leave really quickly.

What is causing this, and will it hurt my business?

Yes, it will hurt your business because you will be moved down the Google Search rankings and will be paying more for your ads.

What’s causing it?

It is probably one of the following:

  1. Page not loading fast enough, or not displaying properly. The goal is to load faster than 3 seconds
  2. It is not clear they are in the correct place – always make it REALLY obvious what the page is about
  3. Your page is badly written or does not seem professional or offer any hope of providing the answers the visitor was looking for.
  4. If from an advertisement, the visitor should land on a page that is tailored specifically to that ad. For instance, the ad is for robotic vacuum cleaners but when I click on it the page is about general domestic appliances.
  5. etc, etc
> Why do I need a landing page?

Why can’t people that click on an ad arrive on my homepage?

The closer the page matches the visitors’ expectations the more likely they are to hang around and read it. You will also pay less for your Google Ads

Your visitors will not waste their time looking for things they’d expected to be clearly shown unless you are in a very niche industry with few suppliers.


Why is my website’s page load speed so important?

Slow pages are annoying, but surely they have to be really slow to be a problem?

Slow pages will impact your conversion rate and how much you pay for ads.

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> Why is good web hosting important?

How will paying more for hosting make or save me money?

Slow or unreliable websites and hosting will lose you sales, reduce your conversion rate and increase the cost of your advertisements.

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What should I look for when selecting a web designer?

All web designers websites look the same, how can I tell them apart and what should I be looking for?
FAQ coming soon.

Web design – what’s the difference between pretty and effective?

I want to choose a great looking design but am concerned I am looking at the wrong thing.
FAQ coming soon.


How do I improve my Google search ranking?

What does Google look at, why and how can you use this to make a better website for your visitors and you.
FAQ coming soon.

Why can too many visitors be a bad thing?

Quality traffic to your website is better for your Google ranking.
FAQ coming soon.

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