We see the web differently from most web designers because we were once the client and expect a website to be more than just pretty.

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We see the web differently from most web designers because we were once the client and expect a website to be more than just pretty.

Websites have a purpose and we work with you to ensure your site is designed to be effective, not just pretty
Whether you need more sales or fewer support phone calls, we can help.

What is good web design?

Who is the website for?

Good design is understanding who the customer is, what they want and how best to deliver it for them.

What does it look like?

The look fits around the content and purpose of the site. The design should not make the site slow or be overly distracting.

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Design should not compromise usability

It’s very easy to get carried away with cool design and forget what it’s like for your users and why they are there.

You will never see what your visitors see

Over familiarity means that as a site owner you can never see what your visitors see. What is obvious to you may be unfathomable to them.


It’s very easy for websites within an industry to look very similar because they all use each other as a reference point. This can make it very hard for a visitor to tell them apart and remember where they have just been.

Choosing less generic images or a totally different layout makes a big difference.

Research based design

Sites like Amazon and Facebook are not attractive. This is not because they don’t have designers, it is because they are constantly testing every aspect of their design and what to us is not pretty to them increases revenue.

Apple also exhaustively test their webpages and app store because small gains can be lots of money when you are at that scale. Since design is central to Apple, they work tirelessly on both.

What can we learn from the big companies?

They test everything they do, by showing people multiple versions of pages and measuring which is most successful. They then try to beat the best page with a new page.

Even if you don’t have the traffic or budget to do that, there is a lot of publicly available research on what is most effective.

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What is research based web design?

Eyes keep us on a page longer

The girl at the top of the page is looking at you. Research shows that you will stay 32% longer on this page..
We have used that girl’s eyes again below, try not to pause when you scroll past them, it’s difficult because we are programmed to look at eyes.

Eye tracking

Eye tracking technology shows that people look at the top of a webpage in an “F” shape checking there is a logo and it is top left, the eyes then scan across and observe the menu and then whatever is immediately beneath it. That’s why we have a really obvious page title so people know they are in the right place.

Brain showing the science behind good web design and conversion rate optimisation

Linear story
The early text on this page is laid-out in a single column so that it is obvious what to read next. It is always best to avoid expecting your visitors to think because it will always lead to some clicking away and on to the next site.

Photos of attractive people

There has been a lot of research that sadly confirms that we are all better disposed to attractive people. One study showed that men were willing to pay twice as much for a bank loan when the photos on the brochure were of attractive women. Women are far more sensible.

Selected work

Teleconferencing company
Hampton Farmers’ market
Charity website
Upscale local business
Bayside Farmers’ market
Wombat Warmth e-commerce

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